Monday, December 26, 2011

Busy day in December

I swore that I wouldn't sign my boys up for Jr. Jazz basketball again. The games are every Saturday in December which makes things extra crazy. But we signed up Evan and Nate anyway. They are both on teams with friends from the neighborhood. Caleb has been taking guitar lessons in the elementary school orchestra, so we didn't sign him up.

The day started with me taking Nate to his 8am (Yes 8AM!!!) basketball game. Greg stayed home with the other boys and made 5 dozen scrambled eggs for the ward Christmas breakfast that started at 9am. Nate and I made it there about 9:20am. We ate and then I left early to take Evan to his 10am game. Greg stayed with the other boys so they could see Santa. Evan was fine about not seeing Santa.

After Evan's game we went home and soon after we all left together on a trip to Brigham City. It was for Greg's family Christmas party at 1pm. This is what Blake did on the way...

We had a great time with family and then turned right back around to come home. Long but very good day.

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