Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Pictures 2011

Oops! I forgot to post these earlier so they are out of order. These were taken the week before Thanksgiving 2011. This is the fourth year in a row that our neighbor, Kaycee McCleve has taken our family pictures. So nice of her to do it for us. Thank goodness she knows how to photoshop because we really needed it this time around.

This year we just wanted it to be quick and painless. We got the quick part down. These are the railroad tracks just west of our neighborhood. It was unfortunately freezing cold and windy. The wind blew constantly through that narrow pass while we were there. Brrrr. It was painfully cold. That is also why my hair is blowing backwards. No I didn't rent a big fan to get that look. There really was no point in doing my hair.

Caleb is definitely at that awkward picture phase. It's like he's trying too hard to smile. Luckily Kaycee helped him smile normal by saying "fart". I guess that's all it takes!

Poor kid with his hair blowing, watery eyes and red nose. What we'll do for family pictures...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who wouldn't like it?

Sucker dipped in fry sauce...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Temple Square 2011

I have always wanted to take the boys to see the lights at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake, but for whatever reason we never have. We made a plan and stuck to it. It was crazy, it was cold, it was late, but we did it and the boys absolutely loved it. I can't say the same for Greg. At least he went anyway.

All bundled up and ready to go.

Inside the old tabernacle.

A nice bystander offered to take our picture. No it wasn't a missionary. :) By this point, Blake had kicked and pulled all of his warm bundling off.

Greg thought that it would be fun to run Nate over with the stroller. Nate liked it. Blake did not.

Oh no! They're falling in the water!


This is Blake pointing that he wants to get out and walk. No way! Way too many people.

This was new from the last time I had been to see the lights. But that was forever ago! Loved it. So beautiful!

It's a great thing to do to help keep the spirit of Christmas with you during the craziness of the season. I hope to make it a tradition in the coming years.

Busy day in December

I swore that I wouldn't sign my boys up for Jr. Jazz basketball again. The games are every Saturday in December which makes things extra crazy. But we signed up Evan and Nate anyway. They are both on teams with friends from the neighborhood. Caleb has been taking guitar lessons in the elementary school orchestra, so we didn't sign him up.

The day started with me taking Nate to his 8am (Yes 8AM!!!) basketball game. Greg stayed home with the other boys and made 5 dozen scrambled eggs for the ward Christmas breakfast that started at 9am. Nate and I made it there about 9:20am. We ate and then I left early to take Evan to his 10am game. Greg stayed with the other boys so they could see Santa. Evan was fine about not seeing Santa.

After Evan's game we went home and soon after we all left together on a trip to Brigham City. It was for Greg's family Christmas party at 1pm. This is what Blake did on the way...

We had a great time with family and then turned right back around to come home. Long but very good day.

Blake's 18-month Day

Oh the things that you can do with long hair when you're bored...

My baby's growing too fast!

November 2011

Yes, that's a bubble over his eye. I couldn't believe that it didn't bother him. He left it there long enough for me to get the camera and take a picture.

We were getting our family pictures taken soon and I wanted to make sure that their "outfits" (Greg hates when I say that.) looked good together. They hate getting dressed and undressed so this was a chore.

Not sure why...

Nate's first lost tooth!!! And the tooth fairy remembered! So proud of her.

We stayed at my parents house one weekend and took the kids to the park. It was COLD! I took this first picture and then the camera battery died. :(

Halloween 2011

I was so grateful that the weather was nice this Halloween. Greg is the one that usually takes them out trick-or-treating, (It was my turn, but I was sick.) but I still don't like when they're freezing cold and wet.
This was the first year that Caleb went out alone with a friend. It made me a little nervous, but they stayed close by and came home earlier than I asked them to. My Caleb is getting too old. Sad.

I guess that Caleb was a little too scary for Blake's liking...

There he is! So glad that I didn't have to make his costume.

Evan as a mummy. I would do his costume totally different, if I ever do it again. It would not stay together.

Nate as Captain Jack Sparrow. He got the one piece costume from a birthday party in September...SWEET! Then I bought the hat and glued the "hair" to it. He loved it.

Each one of my boys has worn this costume for Halloween. My sister made it when her boys were little and luckily passed it on to us. One of the cutest costumes ever and it's super warm for those cold Halloween nights. Without the hood on it gets mistaken for a cow, and that's cute too!

I just couldn't resist! He wasn't happy about it though.