Monday, December 26, 2011

Halloween 2011

I was so grateful that the weather was nice this Halloween. Greg is the one that usually takes them out trick-or-treating, (It was my turn, but I was sick.) but I still don't like when they're freezing cold and wet.
This was the first year that Caleb went out alone with a friend. It made me a little nervous, but they stayed close by and came home earlier than I asked them to. My Caleb is getting too old. Sad.

I guess that Caleb was a little too scary for Blake's liking...

There he is! So glad that I didn't have to make his costume.

Evan as a mummy. I would do his costume totally different, if I ever do it again. It would not stay together.

Nate as Captain Jack Sparrow. He got the one piece costume from a birthday party in September...SWEET! Then I bought the hat and glued the "hair" to it. He loved it.

Each one of my boys has worn this costume for Halloween. My sister made it when her boys were little and luckily passed it on to us. One of the cutest costumes ever and it's super warm for those cold Halloween nights. Without the hood on it gets mistaken for a cow, and that's cute too!

I just couldn't resist! He wasn't happy about it though.

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